Springly Teespring Ad Software and Facebook CRACKED

Springly Teespring Ad Software and Facebook CRACKED

Springly is AMAZING Product created by James Sides. Springly is TOP Plugin to Create Stunning Fb Ads For Your TShirt Campaigns, Affiliate Promotions, and Even Your Own Products in Seconds. STOP Wasting Time and Money Creating Your Fb Ads. with Springly, Anyone Can Create Stunning Fb Ads For Your TShirt Campaigns, Affiliate Promotions, and Even Your Own Products in Just 60 Seconds!”You Can GRAB HUGE PROFITS Easily, No Photoshop Required. No skill Needed. imagine, You can Save Much Money and Time, with Springly You will Like Professional. Just in Seconds.



Woocommerce Gateway 2Checkout 1.3.8

Woocommerce Gateway 2Checkout 1.3.8

2Checkout Gateway is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via 2Checkout. This plugin utilizes the 2CO Pass-Through-Products Parameters that enables you to use the gateway without having to create the products in the 2CO sellers area.

Price $79

Sales Page:

Download Link:

PS: you can get woocommerce extension from here for mere $1: http://www.getwoocommerce.com/



People who exchange Social media fans must be knowing about likesasap, the site that was in top 10 sites for Social Media Exchange and was sold by Cash2Hits Owner for $12,000. The owner of C2H has now made a new Social Media Exchange website which is so far the better of LikesASAP. The name of the new site is likesplanet. Moreover, this new website is the best way to get both fans and money. Its payout rates are much much higher than those of LikesASAP. One would be getting $1 for every 5000 points he collects.

LikesPlanet provides a better referral system too. The referrer gets 10 points per signup (6 Hits). 1/10 points for every Referral Link Visit. 100 Points per active signup (100 Hits). Not just this, the referrer gets 50% of the total earnings made by the referred user. That’s a big profit. And LikesPlanet says that one can easily earn $4 a day if he can produce a good volume of referrals.
LikesPlanet Provides :
Facebook Likes, Facebook Photo Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Followers, YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribes, YouTube Dislikes, Tweeter Followers, Tweeter Tweets, StumbleUpon Followers, Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, ReverbNation Followers, LinkedIn Shares, Website Traffic, Direct Link Traffic, Cheap Traffic (Alexa Boost), Paid to Do Jobs, Minor Jobs.

Today I’m going to discuss a 100% Safe and Anti-Ban Hack, through which you’ll be getting over 10000 points every 2 hours without yourself clicking on a single Like/Follow button.

So, lets start off with the interesting procedure !!

Things You’ll need :

  • Likesplanet Account Sign up here
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • iMacros Add-On for Firefox
  • LikesPlanet Script for iMacros

Procedure :

Firstly, install Mozilla (if you haven’t done) into your device. Open Mozilla, and install iMacros Add-On for Firefox. Download links are given above. Copy the downloaded LikesPlanet Script files for iMacros (iMacros (.iim) files) into your iMacros directory which is usually C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\iMacros\Macros.

You are then ready to go !!

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Log In to your LikesPlanet Account and related Social Network (Eg. Facebook). Since as of now there is only Facebook likes script, you’ll need to log in into Facebook only.
  3. Close all other tabs except the LikesPlanet Tab.
  4. Click on the iMacros Button at the top right corner of your Mozilla Window.
  5. The iMacros Window will appear on the left corner of the screen.
  6. Choose likesplanet script.
  7. Enter the play botton
  8. You’ll have to wait for the points to increase to a better extent.(May be 4-5 hours).
  9. You should continue your other work in another browser. Make sure, you don’t log in to LikesPlanet through any other device or browser at the time of looping. Don’t use Mozilla for other works while looping, consider using Internet Explorer or Chrome for the meantime.
  10. When you look back at your points after few hours, you will be surprised for sure !! Enjoy !!

Thanks for reading !! Please give it a 5+ reputation and comment if you find it helpful. I would like to hear feedback on this post if you find some problems regarding the steps.
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Addmefast Bot Free! Earn up to 1000 Points/Hour! [2014] Patched V:

Addmefast Bot Free! Earn up to 1000 Points/Hour! [2014] Patched V:

Features of the Bot!
Youtube Subscriber – ✓
Facebook Like – ✓
Facebook Post Like – ✓
PinInterest Followers – ✓
PinInterest Repins – ✓
PinInterest Likes – ✓
Website hits – ✓
Proxy Support – ✓
Account saving – ✓

IMPORTANT!!!- Run it as administrator!

Sales page -

Download :